Weigh in time

One week before our hike and we have finalized our gear with the option of offloading anything that proves redundant to a bounce box we have sent to Kaitaia. We are going to use Hoka One One trail runners for the majority of the walk but we have decided to use our hiking boots and heavy duty gaiters for the Herekino, Raetea and Puketi forests and they will be in that bounce box…… kind of like swapping out from two wheel drive to four wheel drive for the muddy conditions and then swapping back at Kerikeri and then sending the bounce box to Hamilton. Anyway we will do a post hike review after we reach Auckland on that decision and any others that may help anyone with their planning. So our base weights ended up at 8.4 kgs for Jan and 9.3 kgs for me which will probably equate to a total weight with food and water of around 13kg for Jan and 14kg for me in the areas that we need to carry the most water. (90 mile beach and Raetea Forest).

Water is a heavy commodity (a kilo for every litre) but hydration is very important so we have to be over cautious in what we will carry. Seems like 3 litres each on the beach and in Raetea will be safe….. of course depending on the weather also.

We each shaved around a kilo off our first weigh in and we had to be brutal to do that,  ie: no cook set anymore just a mug each / personal hygiene took a hit as well / bug spray went out to, there is insect netting sown into the tents. / minor clothing items / even got down to cutting the tags off our clothing (desperate!).

The day to day part of the journey will be recorded on our Instagram site and we will use this blog as “in hindsight “ and write about the first stage of the journey after we reach Auckland…. the things that went well and also the things we could have done better.

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